Unexpectedly Pregnant

The Test

I just recently found out that I'm pregnant. Nothing is set in stone yet, but I purchased a couple store-bought tests, and they all came out positive. Unfortunately, since it's the weekend, I can't schedule an appointment at the local clinic until Monday, so I'm left wondering. I'm mainly concerned because I have no idea what to do or how my life-style should change. You see, I'm young, only twenty, and I'm the first one in my family generation to get pregnant, so there's no one I can even ask. I'm not sure what I shouldn't eat, when I should go to the doctor's, how to become financially stable, etc. Also, I'm worried about telling my family, so that makes it worse. I currently live with my boyfriend of three years and I'm about two hours from all friends and family. I'm alone. I'm worried about having to go through it by myself. I guess I'm just worrying too much already.


I have to explain why I am so concerned about being pregnant. A couple days after my boyfriend and I broke up I wanted to start taking my medication for my skin, which causes birth defects. Just as precaution I took a pregnancy test... to my surprise it came out positive. (Monday 9th)

Later that night I had a negative test. He treated me like I made the whole thing up!

The next morning a negative test. (Tuesday 10th)

The nurse wanted me to come in for a blood pregnancy test. (Tuesday Afternoon)

Just found out about you

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I took the 2nd test today, and it was positive. I have never wanted anything more. Your timing is a little off...a little late, but you must get that from me. We are moving to Seattle in 2 weeks. I just resigned from my job. You don't have a father figure, but we will make it. I am going to need you to hang in there with me!!! We will be great together if you will stick with me these next 8 months.

Confused and Scared

I think i have the symptoms of early pregnancy but i dont know. I have a mild pain in my right side and some mild pain in my pelvic area, my cycle is not due for 4 more days, i do have some nausea but i get hungery all the time even with the nausea, and i get dizzy sometimes. I need help what could this be, oh and my breast are a little tender. PLEASE HELP!!!

Miracle/Surprise Baby!

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Approximately 18 years after being told he'd most likely never have children, my boyfriend and I found out we're pregnant! We've been "trying but not trying" for the past two years and gave up all hope at this point. The funny part is, the day we found out is also the day we got a letter from the hospital where he had cancer treatment (for Hodgkin's Disease) saying he was definitely NOT fertile. However, 3 HPT's and positive bloodwork later, we're about 7 weeks along and hoping for the best. Although this couldn't have come at worse time, we're very excited (nervous, scared, etc).