Pregnancy Complications Articles

  • Incompetent cervix -- caring for it during pregnancy

    What causes an incompetent cervix? How is it treated? Are there risks to a cerclage? Learn these answers as a mom shares her experiences and research.

  • Morning Sickness: It's Not Easy Being Green!

    The paradox of morning sickness: Few people ever really dwell on the trauma of it, because it is the famous first sign of a glorious occasion to come -- the birth of a child. That is true. It's also true that morning sickness can be debilitating, depressing and alienating. Baby or no baby.

  • Mommyrexia: Avoiding Pregnancy Weight Gain

    All new moms worry about losing the baby weight. An alarming number of women don't want to gain the baby weight in the first place.

  • Post-Miscarriage Checklist

    The following is a list of information your doctor will need/ask from you after you have had more than three miscarriages (Habitual Abortions).

  • Helping a Friend Through Pregnancy Loss

    My best friend's baby died at 39 weeks gestation. What could I say? Could I share the pain? Was there anything I could do? I felt so helpless. Since then, I've experienced four pregnancy losses of my own. I hope these glimpses into loss will enable you to help your friend.

  • Responding When People Don't Understand Your Miscarriage

    We've all been there. The moment someone says something hurtful about the loss of our baby. I say it's time to hold our heads high, reclaim our privacy and space, and let people know that what they say is not acceptable. Learn how to educate "the ignorant," "the indignant" and "the idiot" so their next response can help heal a friend facing pregnancy loss.

  • Morning Sickness: What to Pack for the Journey

    Morning sickness demands a plan -- a strategy -- for outsmarting your body and letting you feel in better control. To do that, you will need some basic tools... To start with, you will need a bigger bag -- something roomy enough to accommodate your needs. If you are feeling lousy, a little shopping excursion just might cheer you up!

  • Anti-depressants During Pregnancy

    Recently our news feeds have been flooded with bad news about pregnancy and anti-depressants. If you're depressed and expecting a baby, finding a treatment can feel like a balancing act over hot coals.

  • Accutane Causes Miscarriages, Birth Defects

    Major birth defects caused by exposure to Accutane and other brands of isotretinoin, an acne therapy drug continue to occur in the United States.

  • Bed Rest

    Bed rest will differ from woman to woman and may range from simple periodic resting at home to full bed rest and monitoring in a hospital.