Pampering Your Pregnancy

  • Pampered Pregnant Feet

    Expectant moms can use some special attention — especially to relieve tired, achy feet! Try pampering those tootsies and receive multiple benefits in return for both you and your baby!

  • The babymoon -- Prior planning makes it perfect!

    There's a growing trend of couples taking what's been affectionately called a "babymoon" -- a trip a couple takes before the baby arrives and lets the couple to connect and enjoy being with one another before the long journey to parenthood begins.

  • Your pregnancy super foods -- boost your pregnancy nutrition!

    Do you want to boost your nutritional intake while you're pregnant? It's not as difficult as you think. The healthy foods you choose help to give you the best mix of "baby-building" nutrients.

  • Best holiday gifts to pamper the pregnant momma-to-be

    Whether you're looking for gift ideas for a friend who's expecting, your daughter or your wife, our top picks for the momma-to-be can make your shopping a snap.

  • The pregnant gal's guide to fall safety and comfort

    A refreshing nip in the air, beautiful foliage and crops galore -- you've got plenty to anticipate in autumn. Here's how you can make autumn an especially pleasant season for you and your baby.

  • Pregnant and Surviving the Summer Heat

    You don't know what hot means until you've been pregnant in the summer. These mom-proven methods help you stay cool during even the hottest days of summer.

  • The Pregnant Gal's Guide to Beating the Heat

    You're looking for tried and tested ways to get comfortable and cool down, not little facts that anyone with half a brain would already know. Look no further! Here's your guide to beating the heat!

  • Perfect Pregnancy Pick-Me Ups

    Pregnancy leaves some women glowing. Others of us have an occasional, or not so occasional "off" day. Read through these ideas and see if one seems the perfect cure for your pregnancy blahs.

  • The Pregnant Gal's Guide to Surviving Summer

    Does the thought of being pregnant in the summer drain your energy and make you groan? Stay cool and thrive with our "Pregnant Gal's Guide to Surviving Summer."

  • What is the most effective way of finding out if you are pregnant??

    im a teenager and i still live at home and im scared that im pregnant and im showing alot of signs that im pregnant and my boyfriend knows that i feel this way and hes by my side all the way...

  • Pregnant and Proud: Fashion Tips for Moms/Mums-to-Be!

    It is a common misconception amongst many women that pregnancy means a few months of feeling fat and frumpy. This should not be the case. In fact, pregnant women should embrace their beautiful pregnant selves and have fun translating their signature look into their temporary new body shape.

  • Members Speak Out: Halloween Treats and Pregnancy Cravings

    Pregnancy brings out "special cravings." With all those Halloween treats bombarding you in the store for months, which candies are calling your name the loudest? See what our members had to say.

  • Partner Support During Pregnancy

    During pregnancy, the most important thing is having support. Anai Rhoads shares ideas for partner support both during and after pregnancy.

  • Pregnant with Baby #3

    I just turned 30 and after being told at the age of 18 that it would be difficult for me to have children, I have 2 beautiful boys and a third baby on the way. We are able to conceive the first month we tried this time and I'm very excited. I'm also nervous because my second son was a high risk pregnancy.


    ~ ~ MY PREGNANCY WITH KEAN SO FAR.....~ I found out I was pregnant with Kean around a month along, it has been a wild ride ever sense, this is my 6th pregnancy and i have problems with all of my pregn

  • Maternity Fall Fashion

    Everything constantly changes with the season -- the leaves, your belly, and the trends. But when a new style comes in, the Trend Setter doesn't always accommodate for pregnant women. So we have gathered up some tips for this fall so you can still look fashionably up to date.

  • Your pregnancy super foods -- boost your pregnancy nutrition!

    Do you want to boost your nutritional intake while you're pregnant? It's not as difficult as you think. The healthy foods you choose help to give you the best mix of "baby-building" nutrients.

  • Impower Pregnancy Pillows

    Reviewer's Name: 
    Mommy Leah

    I was on the pill for a little over 10 years. I have been off now for almost 18 months. We have been trying since the day I stopped taking the pill, we were about to start taking some aggressive measure with the doctor when my friend told me about a pregnancy pillow she tried called Impower Pillows Pregnancy Pillow.

    6 - Highly recommend
  • Chiropractic Care

    Chiropractic care is the health maintenance of the spinal column, discs, related nerves and bone geometry without drugs or surgery. Chiropractic care is safe during pregnancy when provided by a chiropractor that has been trained in the physical changes that occur within a pregnant woman's body.

  • Five Ways to Pamper Yourself During Pregnancy

    Pampering yourself during pregnancy is neither selfish nor immature -- it's healthy. Here's how!