Preparing for Baby



Are you pregnant and feel like your emotional fluctuation is becoming tough on you and your family?

Are you currently Nesting and feeling like the need to continuosly make changes in your home to prepare for the baby?

Are you feeling like you’re generally not prepared for the baby’s arrival and things like creating the baby’s room is still not completed?

Bradley Method of Childbirth

Dr. Robert Bradley developed this method in the late 1940's. The Bradley method emphasizes an extremely natural approach, with few or no drugs and little medical help during labor and delivery. Stressing good diet and exercise during pregnancy, it teaches deep relaxation techniques to manage pain, and educates a woman's husband or partner so they can be an effective coach. Read more.

"Garden Fresh" Baby Shower

You've "planted" the seeds and now you're ready for the "harvest" and your guests to arrive. All my tips should brighten up your guests and bring smiles to their faces. There will be no shortage of "Mmmmm's" from the dips and goodies you serve. You can never go wrong with a little "tending" of the garden and yummy food.