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You've arrived at our Tools Section! If you are trying to conceive, pregnant or have children, our tools can make your journey to and through parenthood so much easier! Our tools are innovative, web-based, dynamically generated, and best of all -- they're free! So what are you waiting for?! Try them out! For the pregnancy calendar and basal body temperature charting tool, be sure to go into your profile to input your settings so that you can customize the tools! You only need to do that once and you're set!

All About Baby!

Baby and Beyond: Whether you're dealing with sleep, feeding, diapering, parenting, or discipline - wading through this journey of parenthood can be quite the adventure. Join in the conversation today!

Baby Name Database

babynameFrom Aaron to Zorba, find the name for your little-one-to-be! Over 6000 names and growing! Members: You can suggest names if they're not in our database! Have a special one to share? Add it! Be sure to check the latest statistics on names right here! Only submit FIRST names please and not full names.

BBT Charting Tool

bbtUse one of the web's accurate, easy to use tool to keep track of your cycles! Find out when you're fertile and more! It is customizable and the interface is simple. As long as you're charting, don't miss using this tool! Features include: customizable data, simple entry, previews and much more!

Do You See a Line?

There is nothing more stressful in the TTC journey than peeing on that stick! Come post pics of your HPT's and OPK's! Together we can all squint, see that line, and celebrate! Tons of information about brands and testing do's and dont's!

Fetal Development

fetalAmazing! There simply is not another word worthy to describe the development of your baby! Just think, within approximately a 40 week period, your little one will have transformed from a single cell to a fully formed human -- filled by wonderment and prepared to change your world forever. The first trimester (0 - 14 weeks), is one of the most crucial for your baby. Within this trimester you will find the most rapid rate of growth and development taking place. By the end of the 1st trimester, your son or daughter will have grown to 3.4 inches (8.7 cm) long and weigh about 1.5 ounces (43 grams). Your infant will develop everything from limbs to vital organs. Week by week the changes are astounding! Click below to see what's happening with your baby right now! We have more pregnancy resources right at your fingertips!

Ask the Experts

Check out our panel of experts to address your questions, challenges, and concerns! From getting pregnant to parenting, we have the answers!

Find Your Local Peers!

No matter where you go, there you are! Find your neighbor, make new friends and connect with your local community and state!

Growth Charts

growthAre you looking for a printable growth chart? We've found the perfect ones. Whether it is "Birth 0-36 months" or "Children 2-20 years old," choose a chart, click and print -- it's that easy! Each chart is a PDF for easy printing. These charts are not from the formula companies either -- they weren't easy to find. So print this out as you prepare for your little one to come into the world and on your mark, get set, track!

Memorial Wall

If you have lost a loved one, be it a baby, or any other family member, you can place a memorial here on the wall. Once a memorial is on site, you are able to search through to find yours. Newest memorials show up first in the queue.

Find your Parent/Birth Group!

Looking for other parents and parents-to-be that are pregnant and becoming parents just like you!? You've found them!