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Wed, Dec 20, 2017 5:47 AM

pray for me...

Hey my fellows! How's going your journey. I am in the same boat in which you are.It means I am also preganant and i am in 5th month of my pregnancy. I just want to ask my question from whom they have done experience it in thier lives. I have regular medical checkups as my husband takes appointment from doctor.He is very happy because it's our first kid. we are going to experience ,he as a father and i am as a mother first time in our lives. We should be so excited. But i heard some one or you can say that from my elder ones that regular ultrasound can be harmful for me?.Rays from Ultrasound machine can destroy my internal system as well as it devastate baby's health or growth?. My mother is also in this favor and she ask me to follow this.I just refused it by saying may be it happened as in your era but t now science has made much progress in medical field. It's just a misconception or superstitions!.Because our ancestors have experience. But i need suggestions from your side with a logic if you are facing the same question from your ancestors. Thanks in advance and pray for me.....     

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